The cost of following Jesus may be your comfort

Comfort title


We love our comfort.

Comfort foods.

Comfort zones.

The comfort of sitting in the exit row on the plane.

Our favorite pair of comfortable jeans.

We love comfort so much, we’ve turned it into a god.

We avoid hard things.

We insulate ourselves from difficult people.

We micromanage our kids to shield them from having to deal with uncomfortable situations.

We pay more for the things that truly make us feel comfortable.

We work hard to make sure that our families can live comfortably.

Bottom line is that we’ll do anything to stay comfortable…

Even when it comes to our faith.

Think about how this plays out in just one expression of our faith…going to church.

Generally, we find a church where we feel comfortable.

Then, we start going to that church (when it comfortably fits in our schedule).

Once we’ve committed to that church, we interact with (and invest in) people like us there, because it’s the most comfortable thing to do.

After a while, we may even start serving at the church (but only when it’s convenient, in our comfort zone, or benefits us in some way).

How did this happen?

Since when was our faith all about our comfort (and convenience, for that matter)?

Jesus paid a high price for our faith.

He sacrificed everything for us.

What is our faith costing us?

Is our faith a faith of comfort and convenience, or is it a faith that truly messes with our schedules, our comfort zones, and our checkbooks?

Does our faith push us to do hard things?

Does our faith take us out of our comfort zones?

Does our faith stretch us beyond our limits?

Does our faith compel us to make sacrifices that actually cost us something that matters to us?

Or, is it possible that our faith is too comfortable?

Is it possible that we’ve made comfort our god?

Jesus didn’t die for our comfort (and He didn’t live for His own comfort either).

In fact, He made a lot of people uncomfortable with the things He said and did.

It wasn’t uncommon for the crowds to walk away from Him…or even want to kill Him.

“Take up your cross and follow me, ” Jesus said.

“Hate your father and mother in comparison to me,” He told them.

“Eat my flesh and drink my blood…”

Wait…really?  Jesus said that last one?

Yes He did…and many people deserted Him that day, because He was saying things that made them feel uncomfortable.  (You can read the full story in John 6:22-66).

Kind of makes you feel a little uncomfortable too, doesn’t it?

Turns out that loving our comfort is nothing new…people have been doing it for thousands of years.  

And, just like the scene back in John 6, the crowds of today love pursuing the god of comfort more than they love following the God-Man, Jesus Christ.

What about you?

What about your faith?

Is your faith today in the god of comfort or in the God of all comfort?

Are you following the comfort of the crowds right now, or are you willing to be uncomfortable for your faith and follow Jesus?

What is your faith costing you?










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