What My Attic Taught Me About God’s Word

Attics are dark.

I rediscovered that this morning when I went looking for some boxes of books in our attic…

I couldn’t see anything clearly.

When I wasn’t tripping over stuff, I was trying to read labels.

But, everything looked the same.

So, I had a decision to make…

Keep trying to find the boxes in the dark or go back down the attic ladder and get a flashlight.

Option one seems easier sometimes, doesn’t it?

I mean, I’m already up there.

I can squint and maybe read a label or two.

Or, maybe I could pick a box or two that I think is the right one and get lucky.

But, really all I’m doing is wandering around in the dark and getting frustrated.

So, I decided on option two.


This world we live in can be a lot like our attics…dark and hard to see things clearly.

And, every day you have a decision to make…

Keep trying to live your life in the dark or go to God’s Word and let Him guide you.

Option one may seem easier at times, but it only leads to more pain and frustration.

God has given us His Word to guide us…to give us a light to see in this dark world.

But, just like a flashlight, His Word will not help you if you don’t put it in your hands and use it.

So, stop wandering around in the dark, go get your Bible, and let God guide you.

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”  (Psalms 119:105)


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