The Complicated Color of White


You’d think it was a simple color.

Until you start counting how many shades of white are in a picture like this… (go ahead, start counting)


White’s complicated…

Or, maybe we’ve made white complicated.

We’ve given white shades and “interpretations”.

We’ve made white “relative.”

(Just Google “shades of white” and you’ll see what I mean).

It used to be that the color white represented purity or cleanliness.

Going back a few thousand years or so, a guy named David used the color white to represent the ultimate soul cleansing.

After a major lapse in moral judgement involving a woman named Bathsheba, David felt dirty.

Sin had left him feeling like snow on the side of the road…still white, but much darker (not to mention, dirtier).


So, David pulled out his journal, and wrote this to God…

“Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow…remove the stain of my guilt.  Create in me a clean heart , O God.”  (Psalms 51:7-10)

David wasn’t content just being a shade of white…

Any sin in his life represented a shade of white that he didn’t want to be.

White wasn’t complicated.

The problem is that we’ve made white complicated by making excuses for sin.

Sin has shades…

(As in, “A little sin is okay…it’s not like I’m ever going to be perfect anyway.”)

Sin has interpretations.

(As in, “A little sin is okay…it’s helping me be culturally relevant.”)

Sin is relative.

(As in, “A little sin is okay…it’s not like I’m addicted or anything.”)

What about you?

Have you made white complicated?

Are you content just being a shade of white?

Or, do you need to be honest with God and have some stains removed?


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